Company presentation

Created by Gaspard Herblot in 2015 and based in Brussels, the Air Blow Compagny offers different types of mixed and percussive shows around hip hop culture, body music ( beatbox, body drumming, circle songs), dance, circus, gestural theatre and street arts that can be received outdoors as indoors.

It also offers training and participative and interactive projects led by artists educators dedicated to their disciplines, for all audiences. The compagny is also involved in coaching,  for support on the creations of shows.

After twenty years of artistic practice, participative projects and educational experiences, the Air Blow Compagny offers an orginal and creative pedagogical approach.


Artistic Team

Gaspard Herblot, Antoine Pedros, Younes Ayoute,Thierry Bluy, Clara Henry, Viola Di Laura et Anthony Lefebvre.

Administrative team

Gaspard Herblot: Artistic and Administrative Director – Production – Diffusion
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Maëva Hairy: Administrative secretary general – Diffusion

Shann Perradin: Technical Manager

Gilles Tapia Perez: Graphic designer


Gaspard Herblot

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Partnerships and collaborations



Espace Catastrophe (Bruxelles); SACD


Quelques p’Arts… Rhône-Alpes/ Centre National des Arts de la RueScène (Boulieu-lès-Annonay, 07); Centre euro-régional des cultures urbaines (Lille, 59); La générale d’imaginaire (Lille, 59)



École de Cirque de Bruxelles (Bruxelles); Cirqu’Conflex (Anderlecht); La Roseraie (Bruxelles); Charleroi Danse (Charleroi); MCCS de Molenbeek (Bruxelles); Centre Culturel Jacques Frank (Saint-Gilles); Funky Feet Academy (Namur)


Maison des Jonglages (la Courneuve, 93)

Contact information

Cie Air Blow

280, rue de Mérode

1190 Brussels (Belgium)

+32 (0)488 400 487