The AirBlow Company offers courses, trainings, research laboratories and some individual and collective coaching flexible on demand, supervised by various artists-pedagogues specializing in disciplines as diverse as Human beatbox, body Drumming, Hip Hop and contemporary dance, or even sign theatre and circus.

All of our accompaniments are flexible!

Different intervention formats

Awareness/Initiation: Short interventions from 1h to 3h intended to allow neophytes to meet and experience a new practice.

Discovery course: Training courses from 6am to 3pm allowing the participant to grasp the basics of a discipline in order to have tools to be autonomous in its later development.

Intensive Immersion: Training from 15h to 60h for beginners or participants who already have a practice and who wish to have a solid foundation and/or advice to develop in the field of the proposed training.

For different audience

All audience: Mixed groups including different levels.

Schools and specialized areas: Interventions that can take different forms (punctual, regular, intensive)

Live Performing Artists: Training adapted to live performing artists.

Trainers and facilitators: Training adapted to trainers and facilitators who wish to have pedagogical and technical tools to transmit the proposed discipline themselves.

Coaching: On-demand support for groups or individuals on a project of creation, or personal or collective development.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can agree on the intervention format best suited to your desires and needs.

Our teaching methods

Beyond the transmission of a skill or a practice our ambition is to give way to the creativity of the participants, to the expression of their interiorities and to encourage meetings, empathy, and humanity within the workshop by encouraging them to create their own languages and let their singularities emerge.

The dynamism of our workshops is also based on collective energy, one of the main goals being to taste the treat of being together.

Gaspard Herblot.