The Air Blow company develops multidisciplinary content for all public mixing circus, gestural theatre, hip hop dance and music (beatbox, corporal percussion, singing) under different forms : circus numbers, shows and concerts, able to be received outdoors like indoors..

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  • Beat, tricks and fun (new show 2023)

    Juggling duo with diabolos, bouncing balls, human beatbox and loopstation. With : Gaspard Herblot and Priam Pierret Duration : 30-45 min. Both driven by the pleasure and joy of sharing, passionate about the challenge and the virtuosity in our disciplines, we have found many affinities in our practices and our artistic approach. Our fields of expression (diabolo, beatbox, balls, body music) are very conducive to sharing explosive energy and offer multiple possibilities of combinations. The combination of our languages offers...
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  • Possédés! – Cie Air Blow

    « Possédés ! » is an all public musical show that combines Human Beatbox, Breakdance and acrobatic lifts. The protagonists of « Possédés ! » embodies with humor and derision the members of a cult, victims of the drifts of its own world, in an universe at once burlesque, strange and poetic. It’s about an accessible, original and striking form, particularly adjusted to a family public as well as all public. It invites in a humoristic and non didactic way to transform our world. With : Gaspard...
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  • Pièces détachées – Cie Air Blow

    This show is a hybrid blend that combines the practice of the devilstick and the diabolo with oral percussions and impressive vocal acrobatics. In his Pièces détachées, Gaspard Herblot explores the orality of writing, imprints phonics effects and rhythmics to carry a critical discussion on the world and its thoughts leaders. Between humor and sensitivity, technical and vocal exploits as well as virtuosity of juggling, it’s a rich and magnificently orchestrated show that is offered to us and that will charm...
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  • Musicality is the Key

    Repertory of performances focused on the musicality of the movement combining beatbox, breakdance, diabolo and scratching. DUO : The two partners switch successively the posture of musician and performer with their respective language, each one of them musicaly supporting the visual propositions of the other one. Deejaying, Beatbox, Breakdance, Diabolo. Running Time : 15 – 20 min. With : Gaspard Herblot and Younes Ayoute. TRIO : Including Human Beatbox, acrobatic lifts and Hip Hop choreographies. Running Time : 20 – 25 min. With : Gaspard Herblot,...
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  • Tangeek – Happy Brothers

    It’s an adventure that recounts in a roundabout way the path of two dancers, their daily stage routine, lived at the fullest, and illustrated with a burlesque touch by choregraphies mixing the different disciplines of hip hop and silent films. The audience is embarked on the journey of two brothers dreaming of their careers from their parent’s couch. Some day, they get kicked out of their home because they squat the house without even working. After only one unsuccessful search,...
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  • Diabolooping

    Diabolo duo with human beatbox and loopstation. With : Gaspard Herblot and Priam Pierret Duration : 10-12 min. World class diabolo and live beatbox loops ? It's DIABOLOOPING, the explosive hip-hop circus show by Compagnie Airblow with the funny characters John-Gaspard and John-Priam, international masters in diabolo and beat-box. With the support of :
  • Bounce on da Beat (new show 2022)

    Juggling duo with bouncing balls, human beatbox and loopstation. With : Gaspard Herblot and Priam Pierret Duration : 8-10 min. The sound of the bouncing balls is the source of Bounce on da Beat, you listen to the raw sound, it gives the beat, and with a trick it can play the melody. Gaspard and Priam act soberly, with virtuosity and precision, and take your ears into a hip-hop composition where the only instruments are  the balls and the mouth. THIS...
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  • Diaboloop – Cie Air Blow

    Diabolo number, live looping and Scratching. With: Gaspard Herblot Running Time: 6min
  • BBB – Cie Air Blow

    Burlesque solo of devil stick evoking a high-speed chase with the police accompany with live sound effects and Human Beatbox. With : Gaspard Herblot Running Time : 5min40
  • Come on Bikers! – Cie Air Blow

    Interactive parody of a fitness coach on his exercise bike. With : Gaspard Herblot Running Time : 6min20
  • PATAK ! – Cie Air Blow

    Gaspard and Thierry offer a knowledged mix of corporeal sounds of all kinds ; Human Beatbox, corporal percussion, harmonic singing, vocal acrobatics, freaky onomatopoeia, guttural breaths… Synchronised choreographies, rythmic games, free improvisation times as well as interactif moments ! Patack attacks, Pattack smacks ! Running Time : From 5 to 15 min. With : Gaspard Herblot and Thierry Bluy.
  • Resonances – Cie Air Blow

    Choreographic duo where the Diabolo and the Breakdance meet and challenge each other. With : Julien Carlier and Gaspard Herblot Running Time : 4min50
  • Let the beat go on ! – Cie Air Blow

    Dance trio and Human Beatbox. With : Antoine Pedros, Younes Ayoute and Gaspard Herblot Running Time : 8min30
  • Let’s Swing – Cie Air Blow

    Diabolo solo. With : Gaspard Herblot Running Time : 6min10
  • Body Drumming Trio – Cie Air Blow

    Choreographic trio and body percussion acrobatics.   With : Gaspard Herblot, Younes Ayoute and Thierry Bluy Running Time : 6min  
  • Cosmos in Natura

    Cosmos in Natura is an interactive contemporary dance solo. Music and choreography merge in a singular and mysterious performance, a metaphorical journey exploring the dynamics of birth and life. Starting from a creature/egg made of balloons, you will discover little by little a body revealing itself part by part to give birth to a human being eager to share and meet. A playful sensory experience in a dreamlike and fantastic world, a metamorphosis, a journey dedicated to wonder and transformation...
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  • Le Cabaret Air Blow – Cie Air Blow

    Le Cabaret Air Blow combines energetic circus numbers, dancing scenes and choreographic pieces of body percussions. Within this cabaret, you will discover different numbers (applicable independently of the other ones). You will come across the pictures and videos of the numbers in the section « Numbers and Performances ». With : Thierry Bluy, Antoine Pedros, Younes Ayoute, Clara Henry & Gaspard Herblot. Lighting desk : Léa Teilhet Running Time : 45min
  • Sit Down – Victor Launay et Viola Di Lauro

    Duo of danced acrobatic lifts. « To be alone or in pair, in the steps of the other or each one in their corner, this duo explores the encounters of life in a subtle manner, and enhance the relationship of two partners. A duo of extraordinary lifts that invites acceptance of the other and to sit down… » Running Time : 9min With : Victor Launay, Viola Di Lauro, Clara Henry and Gaspard Herblot
  • Diabolord – Priam Pierret

    Priam, the international juggling diabolist with his creative character the Diabolord or in neutral costume offers you short numbers, long shows or animated and deambulation. For more informations :
  • Diabolord in the dark – Priam Pierret

    Diabolord Priam, fluorenscent futuristic gentleman under UV light, offers its more magnificent choreographies with luminous and fluorescent objects. The artist draws lines, curves, parabolas, and thereby presents visual effects of great beauty, at once mermerizing and impressive. Here, the intention is to bring the audience in a fairyland of lights for previously unseen « wahouh » effect.
  • Ambulation – Cie Air Blow

    Parade incorporating live music ( human beatbox, brass and woodwind ), acrobatic staves, comedians in stilts and fire juggling during night ambulations ( torch, devil stick, staff, poy). With : Gaspard Herblot, Léa Teilhet,... Options also possible in fixed. Duration to be agreed with the organizer. Option also suitable in fixed.